Hello all,

This is my online walking blog. Every visit and read many blogs. You’ll find those that I liked or found interesting here. I read blogs in 3 languages, English, Romanian and Spanish. Those that are in other languages ​​i using Google Translate.

How do I find all these blogs?

It’s very simple. Besides reading articles i read all comments. If a comment attract attention then I go to the blog author. Plus I look in blogrool.

Who am I?

I am a 33 years of Romanian origin who now lives in Spain. I like to discover new things to know life story to others.

We each have a unique story and expose her way with words online in a unique way. This is one of the things that  I like. You can learn a lot from a story. No matter if it’s good or bad as long as you learn something.

If you have a wordpress blog and would like to take a look please post it below.



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