Top Five Youtube Users

1 Aug

Youtube has certainly made some celebrities over the years and just because of Youtube the following five top Youtube partners are now making a living from their Youtube video channels because of the viral nature of their video content and they all share a common trait, they are entertaining!

The videos all have a quality entertainment factor to them and they do create some funny and also at times contraversial, they are certainly some Youtube users to take note of and see how they actualy get people to subscribe and share their videos around the internet.

Shane Dawson is one of the top Youtube partners who gathers many views from his comedy videos which includes views on celebrities and a mix of his own life story thrown in for good measure, he has had a staggering 245 million upload views and 43 million channel views since March 2008, although he has other networks which help promotes his videos he has over 1 million subscribers which is any one persons dream to be that popular and his videos seem to do that.

When you become a Youtube partner you get a share in the ad revenue that appears on your videos and on your video channel page, but also you get certain brandable perks, such as a top banner and other spots to put your offers and Shane seems to have created some t-shirts at with his branded illustration of ShaneDawsonTV.

Shane does his videos where he’s talking and then he goes off and dresses up in various wigs and takes the piss out of everything, even himself and that’s why he’s popular.

Fred is another popular Youtube user who is just so annoying he’s occasionally funny and that’s saying something, Fred Figglehorn a fictional character, originally started out as a six year old kid who took his mums camera and started to make Youtube videos and he has a trademark high pitched voice and he’d always say Hello it’s FREEEEEEEED right at the start of the videos and it would just follow freds mad cap world in and around his house.

With over 464 million video views and 80 million channel views, he currently has over 1 and a half million subscribers and he also brands himself with Fred merchandise and T-shirts making himself a millionaire by the age of 15 (lucky git!!)

But Fred is an acquired taste as I found the first few videos funny, but then he irritated slightly, but a lot of people love his crazy squeaky voice.

Shaytard has a Youtube channel that just documents a day in the life, sort of like a video diary of him and his family, which people sort of seem interested in, because he’s so popular, although I wouldn’t put my kids on video for the whole world to see, but he does it and if he’s happy doing it then why not, and since he is earning money from his Youtube channel who cares anyway.

With nearly 100 million upload views and 15 million channel views with 365 thousand subscribers his channel and videos just seem to strike a chord with viewers and I find his videos entertaining, much like watching one of those reality TV shows like The Osbournes.

Sxephil is a Youtube channel of The Phillip De Franco Show which is an online TV network of other sites and video channels which broadcasts short videos based on Phils thoughts of world news and it’s funny when he speaks his mind about current news events and even famous celebrity news.

With nearly 333 million upload views and under 37 miilion channel views, with just over a million subscribers, he’s certainly one Youtube user I subscribe to, because of his wry wit and excellent grasp of video editing and news broadcasting in a fun way.

Failblog is one Youtube channel that I found and liked because of it’s really short fail videos, not sure if it’s a proper Youtube partner as I don’t think they have Google ads, but the channel itself is based on a variation of the Cheezburger network which has loads of even funnier content such as photos and even more videos.

Basically the idea behind the Failblog is a series of videos that show someone attempting to do something, but it fails, simple as that, some or even most of the videos are funny and have been aired elsewhere on news channels and TV around the world.

With 914 million upload views and 29 million channel views, with also nearly 755 thousand subscribers, this video channel is one top Youtube channel that distributes it’s network of videos to othernetworks, so there will be money being made if it isn’t with Google ads.

The thing with Youtube is that there are way more than five top youtube users and partners now,as there are some smart business persons who use Youtube as a marketing tool and build their own businesses from this popular video sharing site directly and that to me is totally inspiring and something to aim for.



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