14 May


That rainy evening and bus-stop.

Pink top with little white flowers and navy blue jeans along with high heels. All these were making Reeva more beautiful than she was. She was a dream girl for many and had won many awards as a reward of her beauty.  Coming from middle – class family, her ambitions were always high. Although her parents had groomed her well and she knew the values she should carry. And that’s the difference, people saw in Reeva and other beautiful girls. Reeva was not proud of her beauty but was conscious about it. She knew value of hardwork and did not believe in short cuts, using the beauty.

A bike suddenly stopped beside her and she came out of her thoughts chain, almost shocked. He was Riddhish – Rids, Reeva’s manager. Reeva gave him respect and was quite impressed with his working style and his academic…

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