7 Mar

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I just finished watching the 2012 remake of Red Dawn, and though I find a coordinated invasion of the United States by North Korea and Russia just as ludicrous as the original version’s unlikely union of Soviet, Nicaraguan, and Cuban troops, it did succeed in reigniting my vehemence in favor of the American citizenry’s right to bear arms.  Constitutionally guaranteed yet constantly challenged, our right to protect ourselves and our state should never be tread upon.  Though not as dramatically appealing as Red Dawn, the people of the United States are under constant attack by drug cartels, home invaders, serial killers, common thieves, muggers, spree killers, and many other life-threatening villains.  Do not allow the government to take away our ability to prevent acts of aggression against ourselves and our loved ones!  Think of it this way – if faced with a killer intent on dispatching away with…

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