3 Mar

Ave Valencia

Living with a Physical and Mental Disability
Adriana was 29-going-on-30 when we met.

As usual, it was raining in our little Mexican city.

My husband and I went to our church and offered a couple friends a ride home.

It was only half an hour out of the way but little did we know that in that short amount of time God would start to undo years and years of somebody’s isolation.

You see, we were in a sign language congregation, and Adriana lived in one of the houses we were supposed to visit.

Most of our friends had been advised not to visit her, for on top of being deaf, she had Schizophrenia, and she was considered to be dangerous and violent.

When we drove by her house we noticed the door was open and we decided to stop and call on it.

Adriana’s mom was already one of Jehovah’s Witnesses but did not know sign…

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