3 Mar

Right Down My Alley

Am I cut out for this? What makes me believe I can write a novella successfully? I’ve never experienced anything totally extraordinary nor do I have much knowledge about anything in particular. I’m not passionate about history, Geography, psychology  technology, automobiles or even cooking. I’ve always been an average student, so how do I believe that I can pull this off? 

I’ve just scanned through some articles regarding ‘writing about things you don’t know.’ The advise out there was enough to boost my self-esteem. I can do this. I’m taking this seriously even though nobody else is. I know I’ve started more than a few projects before and have yet to finish it, but isn’t that a common trait of an artist? I am creative, I know I am. I know my imagination hasn’t freaked me out so many nights as a child for nothing.

I can use those experiences however minute I may think they were…

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