3 Mar

Strange Trip Times

Today is Family Day in British Columbia. A day set aside for family time. An odd thing to have a day for. Shouldn’t people make time for their families everyday or when they can? Can I say to my dad, “So sorry old boy, can’t talk, it not being family day here.” ? I now have plausible deniability for ignoring most of my family. I didn’t before but now I can say it wasn’t family day, therefore I ignore you. Now I only need an excuse for one day as opposed to three hundred sixty five days. Aside from a few members on either side, the family needs ignoring. I never quite fit in anyway.

Because Family Day is not a federal stat holiday, nobody is quite sure who works on said day. I will have an overflowing garbage can because, like most people on my little cul-de-sac, I did…

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