3 Mar

Searching and Servitude

This was a challenge by the daily post challenge through WordPress. I did not play by the rules at all…except for the one where it encourages you to share three things about your blog like you’re being interviewed by Oprah. I talked about three things about my blog. If I was gonna be seen by Oprah, I probably would have changed my clothes. And showered. And actually made eye-contact.  Whatever.

Here was the challenge: speak, direct to your blog visitor, about those three most important things you’d like people to know about your blog. Bonus points if you use finger gestures, elaborate signage, or African drumming interludes between the three points. STOP AS SOON AS THE 60 SECONDS IS UP. That means you have 20 seconds per point.
Don’t edit. Don’t reshoot. Don’t even watch that thing back. Just pop it into a post and send that video to…

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